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In-Person Courses

Course Summary

At Eagles World Real Estate School, our in-person courses are designed to give aspiring agents the essential skills they need to thrive in the real estate industry. Our curriculum includes the 63-hour pre-licensing course, an Accelerated Learning Course, and a Broker Pre-Licensing Course. Led by industry experts, these courses offer hands-on training and flexible scheduling options.

63-Hour Pre Licensing


Perfect for aspiring agents!

Real Estate Book
Completion Certificate
Completion Letter

Accelerated Review


Need to review before taking the state exam? Take our Accelerated Review Course!

Day Review To Ensure You’re Ready For The State Exam

72-Hour Broker Pre-Licensing


Take your real estate career to the next level by completing the Broker Pre-Licensing Course.

Real Estate Book
Completion Certificate
Completion Letter

Class Schedule

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If you’re interested in learning more about joining the Eagles World Realty Family, we would love to hear from you!

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