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Time Management 101: How to Maximize Productivity

Let’s face it, you have a lot going on. Between prospecting, lead follow-ups, administrative tasks, open houses and closings, your days are packed! How can a busy real estate agent manage all of these tasks—and more—without feeling overwhelmed? Time management!


Your income as a real estate agent is determined by the number of minutes in a day you spend speaking with prospects. You cannot control time, but you can manage it by making the right choices. As a realtor, you should take control of your time and practice it daily.




  1. Not setting a schedule. You should have a daily and weekly schedule.
  2. Being unprepared. Take the time and prepare for all you do. Do not wing your presentations and CMA’s – overpricing a listing will only waste time and take longer to sell.
  3. Procrastinating. Leaving things for the last-minute results in more work at the end of the day.
  4. Not pre-qualifying your buyers before showing a property. This simple step will be sure to save you time in the long run.




  1. Get organized and create systems. Create step-by-step instructions for listings, buyers, renters, and investors.
  2. The most important system is your schedule. Stick with it!
  3. Build your skills. Knowledge is power. Fine-tuning your skills will pay off when you speak with clients.
  4. Time block. Block your calendar to ensure you have uninterrupted time to focus on tasks.




  1. Change your mindset. You must recognize your weaknesses and want to improve on them.
  2. Prioritize all you do and write it out. Practice this daily – you will get better.
  3. Replace a bad habit with a good one.
  4. Schedule your entire day. Your schedule should always include prospecting, learning a new skill and administrative tasks. Make sure you spend more time on money-making activities.
  5. Master your scripts, overcoming objections, and role play.
  6. Our minds get cluttered with tasks, ideas, new systems, social media and emails. The more organized you are with your daily activities, the more use you will make of your time.


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